• Hyundai was founded through the hard work, passion and pioneering spirit of its people.

    At Hyundai Motor America, we know that our differences make us stronger. Inclusion and diversity connect unique individual contributions across our organization to challenge conventional thinking.


  • We commit ourselves to hire and retain an executive management and employee staff based on equal participation and opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, religion, or any other legally protected characteristic.

    Hyundai values inclusion and diversity as they are the catalysts that enrich employee ingenuity, broaden our dealer network, identify supplier synergies, and enhance each customer’s experience.


  • Our successes – past and present – come from crafting innovative solutions. Inclusion and diversity assures Hyundai’s continued success.


Hyundai Diversity Statement

Hyundai is committed to, and takes great pride in, supporting equal opportunity for all its business partners. This commitment is woven into the fabric and foundation of our organization. We acknowledge, with great gratitude, the support and contributions of our many customer and business partners who have cultivated, encouraged, and supported the growth of our business in the United States.

At Hyundai, we commit ourselves to the accomplishment of the following goals:

  • To give equal consideration and opportunity to all individuals seeking partnership with us in securing a Hyundai dealership. We will continue to strive to become the premier franchise with the broadest minority representation possible.
  • To provide equal opportunity to all suppliers and vendors seeking to do business with our company. Our selection of business partners will always be predicated upon our duty to provide our customers with safe, quality, and affordable automobiles.
  • To continue to be committed to the philanthropic sharing of our profits to promote community development and improvement (focusing on the education and health of young people), protect our environment, and implement programs to improve understanding and respect within our society.
  • To expand our brand image by committing funds and effort to communicate a clear and accurate portrayal of our products, services, and company values to all of our customers, regardless of their demographic status.
  • To hire and retain an executive management and employee staff based on equal participation and opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other legally protected characteristic.
  • To solicit the advice and wise counsel of nationally recognized persons pf achievement and character to assist us in fulfilling our goals.

Hyundai is proud of our parent organization’s growth and development through hard work, sacrifice, strong planning, and a focus on long-term objectives. We are a company built out of the ashes of war by founders who struggled with limited resources and who, through their diligence, commitment, and self-sacrifice, built an automobile company which is second to none. Remembering our origin and heritage, it is our hope to share the wealth of our experience and support others who are currently in the process of accomplishing similar goals. We are grateful to our many business partners and customers who have helped us achieve success in the United States.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Affinity groups made up of Hyundai and Genesis employees who share similar backgrounds and use their diverse experiences to support business strategies, cultivate business innovation, and ensure cultural competency across the enterprise’s marketing and communications.

Amigos Unidos

The Amigos Unidos ERG integrates the cultural intelligence of the Latino community to enable innovative business solutions, and serves as a trusted advisor for leadership regarding the growth of the Latino/Hispanic community.


The mission of the #BecauseAsian Employee Resource Group is to promote awareness of the diverse Asian cultures among employees while providing opportunities for teamwork across the workplace, professional growth, and employee engagement. We strive to support Hyundai’s outreach to drive innovation and business opportunities in the communities we serve.


The Drive:Equality ERG promotes a positive and inclusive work environment while providing opportunities for LGBTQ+ Hyundai employees in education, career development, networking, and workplace collaboration. Additionally, this ERG advances innovative ideas to drive awareness of the Hyundai brand within the LGBTQ+ community.

Hyundai CARES

Our ERG was created to provide information and support to Hyundai employees who have a person in their life with physical or developmental challenges and to provide service to our community to enrich the lives of affected people, and to our employees.

Hyundai Soul

Hyundai Soul is the Black/African American Employee Resource Group (ERG) that highlights and supports the Hyundai and Genesis brands’ relationship with the U.S. Black / African American community by placing priority on mentorship and outreach.

Stars and Stripes

The ERG leverages the unique experience, skills, and leadership of its members to provide strategic counsel and insights to the Hyundai enterprise about the veteran community. The ERG also provides its members with career development opportunities and a platform to network and serve veterans and our communities.


The Women@Hyundai Employee Resource Group (ERG) champions a positive and inclusive environment that empowers female employees, customers, and business partners. Women@Hyundai ERG serves as a voice for women and their supporters by advancing brand awareness, automotive expertise, professional development, and employee retention.

Young Leaders

The Young Leaders ERG utilizes the diverse talents, experiences and backgrounds of young professionals at Hyundai to provide innovative solutions to business goals, retain and recruit talent, and provide insights to HMA leaders; concurrently, building a foundation to foster career growth and enhance personal development.

Equal Opportunity

Our Company adheres to the equal employment opportunity guidelines set forth by federal, state and local laws. The information requested on this form is sought in good faith and will not be used to discriminate against the applicant based on race, religion or creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic characteristics, marital status, sex or gender (which includes pregnancy, childbirth, or related circumstances), gender identity, gender expression, age, citizenship, sexual orientation, family care or medical leave status, military and veteran status, political affiliation, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state and local laws.


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